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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Artist of the Week - Wyrdstone - Some words from Shindig magazine...

"Folk music and noble obscurity.

They go together like Robin and Barry Dransfield.

Back in the day, it might have been because Ye Olde Public were too distracted by the yelping of Tom Jones to discern the flute-organ of Dolly Collins, but nowadays that noble obscurity is achievable simply by unleashing a CDR of stunning music in miniscule quantities.

Such is the case with the fantastic pastoral psych-folk concoction Cuffern (Reverb Worship) by WYRDSTONE, the nom de plume of West Sussex folk guitarist Clive Murrell. The 10 instrumental tracks – two traditional, eight self-penned – are simply lovely hand-hewn musical sculptures. The nearest modern comparison is probably Voice Of The Seven Woods, although Wyrdstone goes far further in evoking rural details of corn dollies and well dressing without uttering a word." - Jeanette Leech - Shindig Magazine - Sept/Oct issue 2009."

More on "Cuffern" later in the week....

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