15 Artists from around the world - 15 Tracks - All inspired by "Tales from the Black Meadow"

The Launch

The Launch has happened...
The CD is for sale here...

Further details on our Facebook event page.

Firstly here is a lovely write-up in the Reading Chronicle. Great to see all the artists from Reading featured here.

Eastgreen shot some footage of the launch and has put together a fantastically unnerving trailer. Enjoy!

The first of a collection of extracts from the "Songs from the Black Meadow" Launch is here for your enjoyment.

In this the actor Jonny O'Sullivan reads the very first story from "Tales from the Black Meadow"; The Rag and Bone Man.

Underneath this is played Joseph Curwen's excellent track "Deep Woods".

In this the second of extracts from the launch we see and hear Elena Martin sing her song "Search the Fields".

This is a tremendous performance, Elena sings with real assurance and really adds to the world of Black Meadow with this mournful paean to the lost of that forbidding place.

This song is part of the album and you can also read the lyrics in the new book "Songs from the Black Meadow" the proceeds of which go to Worldwide Cancer Research.

We were very excited to show the video of Emily Jones' track "Dark Moss and Coldheart" that was debuted at the Launch. You can see the beautiful video that Emily made for us here.

Eastgreen performed "Welcome to the Meadow" at the launch of "Songs from the Black Meadow". He performed it over "We'll go Beyond the Moor" a beautiful piece by Lost Trail. Very atmospheric and a unique version devised especially for the launch.

As part of our celebration on October 21st, a few of the artists sent video messages about their contribution to the album. "The Miller" of the Rowan Amber Mill sent us this video explaining his obsession with Black Meadow. Be warned, it is very unnerving.

At the launch Jonny O'Sullivan, Elena Martin and Chris Lambert performed the very first public reading of a recently discovered Black Meadow Tale.

"A Minstrel Came out of the Meadow" tells of a man whose obsession with the music of a charismatic minstrel has unforeseen consequences. It was discovered only recently at the bottom of a shoebox containing notes and letters of Roger Mullins. It was verified by Professor Philip Hull of the University of York.

The tale has been published along with lyrics from "Songs from the Black Meadow" in a book of the same name. All profits from the sale of the book go to Worldwide Cancer Research. You can buy it here:

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