15 Artists from around the world - 15 Tracks - All inspired by "Tales from the Black Meadow"

Friday, 20 June 2014

Artist of the Week - Keith Seatman and Tales from the Black Meadow

A few years ago I heard Soulless Party’s Exploring Radio Space album. I really liked it and was very impressed with the Music inspired by Close encounters of the 3rd kind, which was another Soulless Party project.

So when I heard Tales from the Black Meadow for the 1st time I think I ordered a copy instantly.
I loved the whole atmosphere of the album…. plus the 2nd disc was fantastic, The Children of the Black Meadow being my favourite part. Recently went to visit a friend in North Devon and took Tales from the Black Meadow with me for the journey. It works very well for the A303 journey West.

In the summer of 2013 I got an invite to Reading Library for the book launch of Tales from the Black Meadow.

I persuaded a friend of mine to drive, since I have driven to Reading before and got lost; I thought my friend would do a better job than me. Alas he did not and we got lost. Arriving late I was very happy to see that we had in fact not missed any of the readings from the book. We met Kevin and Chris and I think I did that thing I do when I clam up and just grin, when meeting people for the 1st time. Jump to 2014 and I got an email from Kevin asking me to get in touch with Chris, I emailed Chris and he asked me if I would be interested in contributing a track to a forthcoming project Songs from the Black Meadow. I said yes without a doubt, and I got to work almost immediately. 

My track on the album is called Playing Hop the Scotch (inspired by a line from The Coalman and the Creature) with so many talented and versatile musicians/artists on the album I feel honoured to have been asked to be part of the myth and mystery of The Black Meadow.

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