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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Artist of the Week - The Soulless Party - "Tales from the Black Meadow" - Why you need to buy it

"Tales From the Black Meadow takes this idea one step further, providing an actual CD of music to accompany the stories. All but one track is named after one of the tales and the music of each complements its narrative counterpart.The slight scratchy crackle of the music effectively dates it, making it sound as though it could have been copied from a vinyl record from the '70s. ... atmospheric precision..."
Andrew Marshall - Starburst Magazine

"Listen to Tales From The Black Meadow and be introduced to the strange and wonderful world of Hammer Horror, of British Folklore, of Radiophonic Scores and things that go bump in the night. A delirious and delicious mystery…"
Forest Punk

"An irresistibly evocative title that no budding hauntologist could rightly ignore.."
The Active Listener

"Tales From The Black Meadow is one of the best releases we had this year, with ten marvellous compositions to state it.."
Music Blob (Blog)

"If you enjoy a bit of Folklore, Poetry, A Mystery on the moors, 1970s kids TV and some very lovely haunting music, then this book and CD are an absolute must.."
Keith Seatman - Test Transmission

When Professor R. Mullins of the University ofYork went missing in 1972 on the site of the areaknown as Black Meadow atop the North Yorkshire Moors,he left behind an extensive body of work that provided a greatinsight into the folklore of this mysterious place.
Mullins, a classics professor, had a great interestin Black Meadow, in particular its folklore andspent many years documenting its history andtales that were part of the local oral tradition.In his office, his colleagues found over twentythick notebooks crammed with stories andinterviews from the villages around BlackMeadow.

Some of these stories seemed to be fromthe legendary disappearing village itself andprovided some vital clues as to how thephenomena was interpreted and explained by thelocal populace.

In 1978, Radio 4 produced a now rare documentaryabout the folklore,mystery and tales surrounding the Black Meadow area.It also featured music specially commissioned to accompany the programme.This music has recently been unearthed by the Mullins Estate and carefully isolated for your listening pleasure.
These stories, poems and songs have also beengathered together to capture the unsettlingnature of the Black Meadow.

Do not listen to this on your own at night and makesure you shut your windows. Listen for thestamping feet of the horsemen, avoid the gaze ofthe Watcher in the village and do not walk into themist.

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