15 Artists from around the world - 15 Tracks - All inspired by "Tales from the Black Meadow"

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Artist of the Week - The Implicit Order - The Man from Kentucky

The Implicit Order is the brainchild of Kentucky resident Anthony Washburn.

Anthony lives in Smilax, which according to Wikipedia is an "unincorporated community". This sounds spooky, is Smilax a place of outcasts, a place between worlds? It would explain the haunting sounds that ooze from Washburn's vivid imagination.

This is a picture of a barn from Smilax, Kentucky. I can find little else about this mysterious place so assume that this is of course a residency...

I imagine that there is some sort of portal that leads from Smilax to the Black Meadow...

Picture taken from royalcraft.com

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