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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Artist of the Week - Lost Trail and the Massive Discography

Marvel at the amount of work... marvel and kneel in awe...

An attempt to provide a comprehensive overview of both released and pending material...


-Wild Tigers Of Summer (2010, Self/Personal Records)
-Safe Through Autumn, Winter Was A Different Story (2011, Self)
-Longing (2011, self)
-Eidolons (2011, self)
-Eerie Light, Eerie Woods (2011, self)
-The Haunting On Fisher Street (2011, Tired Sounds)
-October Mountain (2012, Felt Cat)
-A Stained August For the Jetcrash (2012, Sunup Recordings)
-Nothing Is Fucked Forever (2013, Wood Thrush Tapes)
-Mortimer, North Carolina (2013, Birch Grove Recordings)
-Blacked Out Passages (2013, Visceral Media)
-Holy Ring Of Chalk (2013, Wounded Wolf)
-How An Absence Creates A Presence (2013, Carpi)
-Return To October Mountain (2013, Inherent)
-Up To The Snow (2013, Reverb Worship)
-Vanished With The Tall Grasses (2014, Rano)
-Other Burlington (2014, Twin Springs Tapes)
-The Leaf and the Branch (2014, Clothbound)
-Chapter 19: In Which Lost Trail Faces The Year's End (2014, Jeunesse Cosmique)
-The Afternoon Vision (2014, Wist Rec)
-How They Kindle and Flame (2014, Already Dead Tapes)
-A Quiet That Moves (2014, Exotik Pylon)
-Once Upon A Time Was Never (2014, TBA)
-... à séjourner dans cette chambre toujours (2014, Illuminated Paths)
-One Day We'll All Walk Outside And Stare Up At The Blameless Sky And Wait For Something To Happen (2014, Soft)
-Death To October Mountain, Long Live October Mountain! (2014, TBA)

Film and Literary Work:

-'Improper Diet' (2012, short film by Sanjin Malesevic, track contributed)
-Music From 'Traumatic Attachments' (2012, Illuminated Paths)
-'Nadia' (2014, feature film by Jay O'Berski, music contributed)
-'Celebration' (2014, a Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern production, score contributed)
-'Grounded' (2014, a Manbites Dog Theatre production, score contributed)
-'High As Hell' (2014, short film by Luke Mueller, score contributed)
-'Gem Of The Ocean (2014, a Carrboro Arts Center production, score contributed)
-'Old, North: Poetry And Music' (Zachary Corsa solo, 2014, Self)
-'End Of A Continent Blues' (2014, film & score, TBA)

EPS & Splits:

-Past Lives (2010, Split w/ Summer Of Glaciers, Self)
-Intersecting Lines Of Power (2012, Split w/ Native Prairie, Sunup Recordings/Wood Thrush Tapes)
-House And Shadow EP (2012, Ailanthus Recordings)
-In Gray and Leaden Air (2013, Split w/ FAVRTSM, Sunup Recordings)
-Split w/ Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra (2013, Sarcastic Magician)
-Split w/ ZZZ Top and the Dumb Drums (2013, Sarcastic Magician)
-Hunted Through Gray and Barren Hills EP (2013, You Are Already Dead)
-Fox EP (2013, split w/ NYKDLN, Benadrone Tapes)
-Gapland (2013, split w/ Charles Swain, Travin Systems)
-Broken Headstones EP (2013, You Are Already Dead)
-Cage For Fragile Vessels (2013, split w/ Proud Father, Swan City Sounds)
-In A Frostheaved Field: B-Sides EP (2013, Wood Thrush Tapes)
-Split w/ Bad Kids To The Front (2013, You Are Already Dead)
-Ten Years Of Lost Memory (2013, split w/ Charles Wright, Ailanthus Recordings)
-Split digital EP w/ Nevhar Anhar (2013, You Are Already Dead)
-3" CD EP, "Mountain Wanderers" (2014, Walnut + Locust)
-Six-way digital split (2014, Ailanthus Recordings)
-Split cassette w/ Stephen Palke (2014, Swan City Sounds)
-Split C62 w/ Kamrar (2014, Centipede Farm)
-Split C60 w/ Plains Druid, 'Our Season', (2014, Little League)
-Five Songs In Five Minutes EP (2014, Silber)
-TBA split 12" vinyl release w/ Earth Builder (2014, Inherent)
-Split C60 w/ Animals Like Earthquakes (2014)
-Split 10" vinyl (single copy) w/ AL Riggs (2014)
-Split cassette w/ AL Riggs, 'The Sophie Trudeau EP', (2014, Secret Ghost)
-TBA 7" Release (2014, Little League)


-The Future's So Dim, We'll All Need Flashlights (2011, w/ Dave Watkins, Self)
-The Blackridge Tapes (2013, w/ The Implicit Order, Wholeness Recordings)
-Collaborative EP with Daniel Knef (2014, AOsmosis)
-Planned collaborations with - Cistern, Pete Cottell, Elizabeth Veldon, Alec Fellman, AL Riggs, Booze Candy, Clifford Parody, Eddie Fleisher/Vinnie Furman, Brandon Locher, Faze Exile, Feltbattery...


-Highschool Ether: Tour Songs (2011, w/ Pinetree Line, Self)
-Live @ Glenwood Coffee & Books... (2014, Self)


-Covered Mirrors: A Collection Of Lost Trail Juvenilia (2012, Wood Thrush Tapes)
-Pages From The Alamance Hymnal (2011-2013) (2013, Wood Thrush Tapes)
-Currents Of Force At The Unsettled Margins (Selected B-Sides) (2013, Wood Thrush Tapes)

B-Sides Collections:

-No Further Equation To Solve (2011, Self)
-The Sparrows Are Flying Again (2011, Self)
-Broken Mount Last Days (2011, Self)
-Certron Tracking: Golden Video (2012, Self)
-Straight To Video (2012, Self)
-A Half-Demolished House (2012, Self)
-Spirit Of The North Country (2013, Self)
-Fatal Failure (2014, Self)
-Cold Light (Scoring Outtakes) (2014, Self)

Compilation Appearances:

-Like Badgers and Birds: A Compilation To Benefit Wikileaks (2010, Obsolete Media Objects)
-Living Room Visions Summer Tape '12 (2012, Ailanthus Recordings)
-This Room Is An Illusion (2012, Wood Thrush Tapes)
-Ten: A Walnut + Locust Anniversary Compilation (2012, Walnut + Locust)
-Tired Sounds Compilation (2013, Tired Sounds)
-Illuminated Paths Mixtape (2013, Illuminated Paths)
-Acosta Nation Compilation (2013, You Are Already Dead)
-Birch Grove Recordings Compilation (2013, Birch Grove Recordings)
-Sweet 16 Compilation (2013, Optimistic Aeon)
-Benefit For Tom Carter (2013, Deserted Village)
-WYRD Daze Zine Compilation (2013, WYRD DAZE)
-DZ Tapes Compilation (2013, DZ Tapes)
-Christmas Is Not Your Friend Compilation (2013, Culture Is Not Your Friend)
-Jeunesse Cosmique Mix (2013, Jeunesse Cosmique)
-Technique 2.0: Lava Church Anniversary Compliation (2013, Lava Church)
-Living Room Visions Covers Compilation (2013, Ailanthus Recordings)
-Compilation For Laetitia Schteinberg (2013, Black Circle)
-LRI Records Compilation (2013, LRI Records)
-RibsOut Ambient/Drone Compilation (2013, RibsOut)
-Walnut + Locust 'Free Kittens' Compilation (2013, Walnut + Locust)
-Noise Opposition Compilation: Volume II (2013, Noise Opposition)
-Black Circle's Halloween Compilation (2013, Black Circle)
-The Sunken Hum: Field Recordings Compilation (2013, The Sunken Hum)
-Noise Punxxx 2 Online Compilation (2013, Shit Noise)
-Deadknife Records Compilation (2013, Deadknife)
-...With No End In Sight: A Wood Thrush Tapes Compilation (2013, Wood Thrush Tapes)
-Infinite Drone's 'Record Breaking Compilation' (2014, Infinite Drone)
-QRD's Guitarist Compilation (2014, Silber)
-Black Circle's Winter Compilation (2014, Black Circle)
-Music Inspired By 'Tales From The Black Meadow (2014, The Soulless Party)
-Living Room Visions Winter Tape '14 (2014, Ailanthus Recordings)
-Terranean Recordings Winter Compilation (2014, Terranean)
-Jeunesse Cosmique Winter Mix (2014, Jeunesse Cosmique)
-Floppy Disk Compilation (2014, The Revolution Will Occur After Naptime)
-Wyrd Daze Issue #6 (2014, WYRD DAZE)
-Wyrd Daze Issue #7 (2014, WYRD DAZE)
-Christmas Is Not Your Friend Compilation (2014, Culture Is Not Your Friend)
-Music For A Pleasant Summer Walk, Volume II (2014, Pink Walrus Productions)


-The Pointless Forest: Silent Amongst Frozen Black Plains (Zachary Corsa & Jesse Gray, 2010, Self)
-Snohomish: The Gloom (Zachary Corsa solo, 2011, self)
-Pinetree Line: Deep Scoops EP (Zachary Corsa produced and appeared, 2012, Wood Thrush Tapes)
-Business Mantis (Zachary Corsa w/ Eric Perrault & Austin Glover of the Andrew Weathers Ensemble, 2012, Self)
-Kazeldya LT: This Room Is An Illusion (Denny Wilkerson Corsa solo, track contributed, 2012, Wood Thrush Tapes)
-GioSafari: Heliotropism (Zachary Corsa, produced and appeared, 2012, GioSafari)
-AL Riggs & The Inconveniences: Radical Faeries (Zachary Corsa, appeared, 2013, AL Riggs)
-Taskerlands: II (Zachary Corsa w/ Michael Tanner, Richard Moult, David Colohan, 2014, TBA)
-Glasswerks (Guillermo Pizarro, Zachary Corsa contributing cover photograph, 2013, S/R)
-Under The Sign Of The Stallion: Demos EP (Zachary Corsa solo, 2013, self)
-WYRD DAZE zine, Issue # 1 (Zachary Corsa, essay contributed: "Communique")
-Pines: A Spirit (Zachary Corsa solo cassette, 2013, Patient Sounds)
-Look To The North (David Colohan + Zachary Corsa): 5,000 Blackbirds Fall From The Sky (EP, 2013, Huginn & Muninn)
-Look To The North (David Colohan + Zachary Corsa): You're a Seance, Old North (LP, 2014, AOsmosis)
-AL Riggs & The Inconveniences: The Long Run And The New South (Zachary Corsa appeared, 2014, AL Riggs)
-AL Riggs & The Inconveniences: Pasquotank (Zachary Corsa, produced and appeared, 2014, AL Riggs)
-Pines: Wild Axe (Zachary Corsa solo CD, 2014, Flaming Pines)
-Cobra Mist: Count On Me (Zachary Corsa solo EP, 2014)
-Salt Borders: The Promise Of A Darkened Dawn (Zachary Corsa solo digital LP, 2014)

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