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Friday, 12 September 2014

Artist of the Week - Joseph Curwen - Reviews and Words

Joseph Curwen's sounds are utterly compelling and draw us into a dark world of Lovecraftian nightmare.
He is utterly prolific and exciting. His work immersive and disturbing.  However don't just take my word for it look at the following gushing reviews from some very exciting reviewers from the interweb.

In his review of Curwen's work "Strange Olden Ruin" Forest Punk tells us that this Sounds Like: "Wind, Mist, Sucking Mud, Lustmord, Eternity, Being Lost"

Check out this very recent review from the Horror News Network which gives him 10 out of 10 for the Joseph Curwen box set (which you can buy here).

Check out the great praise for Joseph Curwen here from James Armstrong of "The Colony". He tells us that "H.P. Lovecraft" would be proud". No disagreements here. So much exciting work.

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