15 Artists from around the world - 15 Tracks - All inspired by "Tales from the Black Meadow"

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Artist of the Week - Joseph Curwen - Strange Olden Ruin

Visit the "Strange Old Ruin" in all it's majestic crumbling glory.

Look in the shadows.

Crouch in the corners.

Touch the walls.

Let your fingers run over the inscriptions carved into the damp stone.

Let the mist engulf you.

Look through the rotten timbers of the old roof at the stars.

Hear the rumblings beneath the cracked flagstones.

Lie on the earth floor and feel it move and undulate beneath you.

Seek for the horror in the dark.

Embrace it.

Enjoy the cold hand upon your shoulder.

The whisper of the ancient words into your ear.

Let the dark earth crumble beneath your scratching fingernails.

Scratch scratch scratch.

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